For this month’s free project with Online Labels, we thought it would be fun to design our own DIY bingo game! This is a great and simple activity that kids can do anywhere. And it’s also a fun way for kids to stay busy and entertained during long car rides or road trips this summer.

As such, we decided our free bingo game would have a road trip theme instead of letters and numbers like your typical bingo game. 

printable label and magnet bingo game

Let’s go on an adventure


Our DIY bingo game is very simple to create. Everything you need is linked below and you can find the free printables linked in our instructions. We have included three variations of the bingo cards, which are black and white. And then the bingo markers are in color for your kiddos to stick onto their bingo card (just remember to print those onto label paper).

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  1. Download your free bingo templates here at Online Labels.
  2. Print the bingo cards (black and white versions) on full sheet removable label paper. Trim along interior white box (approx. 7.25″ x 9.75″), remove label backer, and adhere to dry erase board. You can also print these sheets on cardstock or text weight paper, and leave at full size. Use with a clipboard or other hard surface.
  3. Print colorful bingo marker page (one per player) on full sheet label paper. Remove label backer and adhere to magnet sheet (test the sheet first to make sure the correct side will stick to the dry erase magnet board!) Cut out individual markers with scissors.
  4. Play and have fun!

road trip bingo stickers


diy bingo printable road trip bingo

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