This month’s free project with Online Labels includes three printables and a sticker sheet to help you get ready for the new year, reflect on what you want to start (or stop!) doing, and cultivate more gratitude. You can download our free printable journal pages plus our planner stickers at the bottom of this post. Or you can always personalize and print your labels with the links below.

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printable journal and planner labels

Planner Goals

Much like crafting, journaling and planning can help you during hard times. So we hope these printable journal pages and planner stickers will help reduce any stress you may be feeling as we head into a new year. If you feel like sharing one of your goals for the new year or what you are feeling grateful for, just comment below — we would love to hear it!

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Tools & Materials


Download our PDF at the end of this post. Then print the sticker sheet onto full sheet label paper and the journal pages onto cardstock or text weight paper. If you want to customize your labels, click the individual links below. This will take you to Online Labels where you can print them at home for free — or have them printed for you.

2021 weekly planner stickersprintable journal pages and planner stickers printable journal pages, goal tracker, and planner stickers

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