Our frosted paper anemone flower kit makes it very easy to craft these classic, elegant flowers. Inside the kit, you’ll find 21 die-cut sheets of frosted paper. You will also see a tools and materials list, which we’ve included here too, along with instructions and a video tutorial link.

Once you’re done crafting your frosted paper anemones, you can place a few of them in a vase together. And there you have it—simple, beautiful decor for your home!

You could also use the flowers you make in another DIY craft project, like a paper flower wreath or a paper flower wedding bouquet. If you have any questions about crafting anemones or using them in other projects, let us know.

We would also love to see your flowers and hear more about your crafting experience! You can always DM us on Instagram or Facebook with pictures—or share them with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. If you’re part of our craft community, you can also share them on our Facebook page for members.

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Once you’ve punched out all of the pieces from your frosted paper anemone flower kit, just follow the step-by-step tutorial included in the kit. Or watch the video below!  Happy crafting! ~ Lia and team

black and white frosted paper anemones in front of black and white wall art black and white frosted paper anemones in black and white vases on book with black ribbon and black scissorsblack and white frosted paper anemones in black base on black book next to black ribbon

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