I had so much fun designing all of the tiny, delicate details of this frosted paper fairy wreath. You can craft yours as a head wreath, hang it up on a wall or door, or use it as a centerpiece.

Because there are quite a few little pieces to cut, this wreath will be much easier to make with a cutting machine. However, you can certainly cut the pieces by hand using our PDF template. 

A fairy cute craft

This month’s collection has a sweet, whimsical feel to it. And this frosted paper fairy wreath fits in perfectly! Our pattern below includes flowers, leaves, and stars, and our tutorial will show you how to arrange them onto your vine wire wreath. 

When making your wreath, you can use whatever colors of text weight paper you want. Personally, I used a variety of colors from almost all of our frosted paper packs. I love how these colors look together, and they work really well for spring as well as summer. 

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  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the pattern below.
  2. Form a wreath by twisting two strands of branch wire with loops on each end for ribbon tie.
  3. Using a cutting machine or your scissors, cut all flowers, leaves and stars.
  4. Fold felt into 8 layers. Press each flower into felt with round end of paintbrush to shape petals.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

frosted paper fairy wreath tutorial by Lia Griffith
DIY frosted paper fairy wreath
handmade paper wreath
paper head wreath for kids
frosted paper fairy wreath
DIY wreath with paper flowers, stars, and leaves
handmade paper wreath
DIY head wreath

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