paper garden rose

Paper, Not Picked

For this beautiful paper garden rose we used our Metallic Paper. We are absolutely in love with this paper for floral paper crafting! It’s offers the perfect thickness to remain firm yet malleable and the perfect touch of elegant shimmer.  For the photo tutorial to assemble your rose visit



  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Cut all pieces according to pattern notes.
  3. Shape your smallest sets of petals with curling tool. All curl upward, except last set.
  4. Shape remaining petals on two top corners to form point in center.
  5. With needle nose pliers, form spiral on tip of green wire.
  6. Slide wire through tab of smallest petals and glue to secure.
  7. Form point on first petal and glue. Wrap second petal around first and glue one corner.
  8. Glue together at center two matching layers of petals that curl in different directions.
  9. Slide onto wire, glue at base and rotate petals as shown.
  10. Layer and glue remaining petals.
  11. Slide onto wire, glue and form into a rotation.
  12. For all petals, keep rotation in same direction.
  13. See photo for example of how center of rose should look.
  14. Slide final two petal sets onto wire.
  15. Arrange petals to offset from other layers, and glue into place.
  16. With curling tool, shape sepal inward, then shape tips in other direction.
  17. Slide onto wire and glue at base of flower.
  18. Fold leaves in half then with tool press vein lines when holding in palm of hand.
  19. Glue wire between two offset leaves.
  20. Arrange stems of flowers and leaves.

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