We used Floracraft’s 14-inch wreath form for our felt dahlia wall art, but this design can be translated into any size of wreath. Begin by downloading the PDF template below. These shapes will be your guide for cutting out your felt pieces. There are two shapes in the template, a long oval and a semi-oval that is half the size. The full oval shape is used only for the innermost layer of petals, while the rest of the petals are made from the semi-ovals.

For our 14-inch wreath, we used 28 full oval petals and 140 half-oval petals. You will need 13-14 sheets of 12×18 felt. Once you have your felt pieces cut, you will need to use hot glue to form them into petals. To do this, you will essentially fold the felt into thirds. Fold one side inward, glue to center of the felt piece to secure, then fold the other side inward and again glue to the center. Fold the half-ovals in the same way, but glue at the base of each felt piece rather than the center. The end result of this will create cone-like shapes. We chose an ombre red color scheme for our felt dahlia by mixing a cherry red with a dusty pink. Pick your own color scheme to match your home decor! Choose a monochromatic look, or mix and match to create your own original masterpiece.

After gluing your felt pieces into thirds to form the petals, you can start to glue them onto the foam wreath. Start in the center of the wreath and build out the felt dahlia from there. Glue the larger petals around the center opening of the wreath, at the very edge of the wreath form. Once you create the first layer of petals around the center opening of the wreath, you can begin to glue the smaller petals in rows behind. Try staggering the petals so that the bloom appears nice and full! Glue the petals row by row in a circle until the entire foam wreath is full. Our felt dahlia wall art has about 5 rows of petals, but you can build it out even more by using a larger wreath base. To finish the wall hanging, we added some white felt strips to cover the side of the foam wreath (our wreath base was about 2 inches thick). Cover the outer rim of the wreath with white felt so that the foam does not show when you hang it, and then add felt around the inner rim to help push the petals out (see photos). To hang it on a wall in your home, you can simply stick it onto a nail in any room that you would like!

This felt dahlia technique can be used to make any size of bloom. If you are curious about making other felt flowers, browse our other felt flower projects! I would love to see your take on this project, so feel free to share your photos with me by emailing them into hello@liagriffith.com or tagging me in your Instagram photos! I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂 ~ Lia