Gluten_Free_Scones_British_TeaI am a huge fan of the British inspired scone. To me this means slightly sweet, not too dry but lots of melt-in-your-mouth crumble. Now that I am gluten-free it is not an easy task to find something that hits that perfectly delicious scone lover spot. Well, guess what friends. . . I found the recipe! With a few tweaks and preferences, I can proudly say I have a fluffy, delicious, gluten-free scone that even those in the office who do not eat gluten-free could not leave on the plate. Seriously. . . the pile of scones were gone only a few minutes after this photo shoot! That is how good these are. We made these just in time for you to plan them into your Mother’s Day celebration and just so you know. . . I will be making a batch for our May 10 brunch. Enjoy! ~ Lia

GlutenFree_Blueberry_Scone_Ingredients Gluten_Free_Scone_Dough Blueberry_Scones_Gluten_Free Homemade_Blueberry_Scones_GF GlutenFree_Bluebery_Scones_Tea