barkgiftsIf you like to frequent Trader Joe’s as much as we do, then you’ve probably seen their yummy cowgirl or cowboy bark on their shelves. Because most of us in the office are gluten free, our brilliant PR maven Emily surprised us with her own spin on the mix. Here is her gluten free cowgirl bark recipe, inspired by the TJ’s favorite. We think it’s safe to say that this will beat anything you can find in the stores!

We originally envisioned this cowgirl bark recipe as a wonderful holiday treat to give to neighbors, colleagues and friends. But if you’re going to be making some as gifts, you should of course make some extra bark for yourself. We’ve typed the recipe into our printable template below so you can easily add it to your recipe stash! The best part about our cowgirl bark recipe is that there is no baking required, so it is a perfect treat to make with the kids. Just mix together the ingredients and stick your baking sheet into the refrigerator so the bark can set.

I have also designed some printable bark labels to use for gift-giving. Simply download the PDF below and print onto full-sheet label paper. Trim the labels individually and stick them right onto your jars. We absolutely love Weck jars in the studio, so this was a great opportunity to pull those out. Tie a ribbon around your jar and you are ready to spread some sweet and savory love. If you’re feeling inspired, browse all of our gluten free recipes in our recipes section! Cheers ~ Lia and the Team

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