Gluten Free Lasagna RecipeHappy food lover Friday! When I was a kid, my family was completely vegetarian. Some still are. Though I am not a vegetarian at this point in my life there are a few old favorites that I still like to make at least once a month and one of these family recipes, updated to my own version of course, is a hearty vegetarian lasagne. My favorite method for preparing the vegetables is to roast them over the flame on my stove (though you can do this in the oven) as it gives a rustic smokey flavor that mixes well with the mild cheeses and sauteed mushrooms. Of course at this point I do use a gluten-free lasagna noodle. The steps and recipe are below and you can add any extra vegetables you like. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Vegetable Lasagna Gluten Free Gluten Free Vegatable Lasagna How to Make Vegetable Lasagna Step by Step