Gluten_Free_Strawberry_ShortcakeThis fruit filled summer dessert definitely sparks memories of childhood. I love a good biscuit or English scone and strawberry shortcake is right there with them. But how do you make a fluffy version that is gluten-free and does not resemble a hockey puck in both weight and taste? This is the question. With a few of American Test Kitchen’s gluten-free recipe successes that I have already shared here on the blog, I was anxious to try their biscuit and shortcake recipe. For those who are new here, AMT just published a new cookbook called The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook. If you are are cooking gluten-free, I highly recommend this book. The recipe I used today is called Light and Fluffy Biscuits with a variation for the shortcake. I used their recipe for ATK Gluten-Free Flour Mix, which I keep in my pantry at all times as my go-to flour now since it is not only the best but the most cost effective. In the recipe below I will give you the substitution for King Arthur and Bob’s Red Mill GF flour mixes, but I will suggest you skip Bob’s for this recipe as it has a beany taste which does not work as well for sweet recipes. Here is my review for this recipe. First, it does not taste or have the gritty texture of gluten-free at all. This is due to the resting time which is very important. (Read all about why in the book). This shortcake is not very sweet, so you may want to add more sugar if you like a sweeter dessert. I loved that is was less sweet, so it is your own preference. As many gluten-free breads, it does have a nicer texture then warm. I missed the buttery flakiness a bit (which I am guessing is reduced by the resting time) but prefer less flaky over a gritty shortcake any day. My non GF taster gave this recipe two thumbs up as well. I am excited to try another variation on this recipe to make a GF English scone. Enjoy! ~ Lia