Gluten Free WafflesIt was 6 years ago when I found out that gluten and I simply can not be pals. A few weeks after I returned from a 5-week trip to Thailand where I did 4 hours of yoga for 28 days and ate the freshest, cleanest foods, I found myself terribly. . . as in fetal position. . . sick. Working with my naturopath to find the cause, the test results were clear that gluten had put my body into a state of shock. Until then my guilty pleasures were all forms of baked goodies, doughnuts (what I craved when pregnant), croissants, pies, fresh bread. . . oh my! I will tell you with full conviction that in the 6 years I have been gluten-free, the options have gone from horribly dense cardboard tasting breads and dry ricey cookies to the most amazing fluffy gluten-free breads and moist and tasty pastry. Of course if you buy packaged gluten-free they usually use the cheaper gritty rice flour so the better choice is to bake and cook these things at home. One of my favorite cookbooks for not only gluten-free, but grain and dairy-free, is from the paleo kitchen queen, Danielle Walker. I have loved every recipe I’ve tried in her cookbook Against All Grain and this is my all-time favorite waffle recipe. For my dairy-free topping I use the thickest coconut cream that I find at Trader Joe’s. Delicious! Rather than repeat her brilliant recipe, here is a link to hers. How about some waffles for breakfast tomorrow? If anyone has a great gluten-free raised doughnut or croissant recipe, please, oh please do share! ~ Lia

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