crepe paper wreathOne Crepe is Copper, the Other One’s Gold

Another gorgeous wreath made with our extra fine crepe paper! Our gold & copper crepe paper wreath is a simply stunning seasonal decoration. Featuring flowers and leaves cut with the help of the all-new Cricut Maker, you’ll love how simple it is to craft. You can find our crepe paper for purchase in our online shop and follow along with our DIY double-sided crepe video tutorial to make the crafting process a little easier. Though you can certainly cut your crepe using a pair of scissors, cutting with the Cricut Maker will save you time and effort. This new cutting machine is a crafter’s dream come true… we’re thrilled that we finally have a machine that can cut crepe paper! For more on this new and improved crafting essential, visit Cricut’s website.

Tools & Materials


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Iron the adhesive webbing to attach two layers of crepe paper together to make double-sided gold crepe and double-sided copper.
  3. Cut out the crepe pieces from your double-sided crepe. Then, cut a circle shape from your single-sided copper.
  4. Bend the end of a wire, then attach a crepe rectangle to cover the top of the wire.
  5. Pinch the base of the petal in half, then fold the top to the side. Glue and attach four petals to the base of flower.
  6. Cover the wire with floral tape.
  7. Glue the two sides of your leaves together with floral wire between the crepe.
  8. Cover your wire with floral tape.
  9. Use round-nosed pliers to wrap the end of your wire into a coil.
  10. Stick a foam ball onto the end of the wire. Stretch the center of your crepe circle and then glue around the ball.
  11. Cover your wire with floral tape.
  12. Arrange the pieces and twist the wire ends around the metal circle.

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