Hand Towel HackAn Easy No-Slip Towel Solution

This is certainly not an original idea, but it is an idea that we love nonetheless! This easy hand towel hack is a great way to keep your hand towels handy, which is exactly what you want them to be. We have seen versions of this hack using velcro, but we prefer the look of using buttons. Use this trick for the towels in your kitchen and bathrooms and you will never have to pick them up off the floor again! 



  • Kitchen Towel
  • Buttons
  • Matching Thread


  1. Gather tools and materials listed above. 
  2. Decide on placement of 2 corner buttons and mark with a pin.
  3. Fold towel in half and pin to mark. Fold again on one side, matching this second pin with the pin marking the corner button placement. Mark the new fold with a pin, then repeat for the opposite side. You should have 5 pins placed to evenly space your 5 buttons. See the photo tutorial below for a visual reference! 
  4. Determine where you would like your button to be, then use the disappearing marker to draw a dot. Place your button directly below the dot, then mark another dot directly below the button. In other words, use your button to measure the length of the button hole you will make. 
  5. Use your sewing machine to sew the button hole.
  6. Carefully cut button hole open with small scissors or a seam ripper. 
  7. Fold the towel in half the opposite way and mark for button placement. 
  8. Hand stitch your buttons onto the towel. 


Follow along with the photo tutorial as you mark your towel. This is one of those projects that will be much easier to understand visually. This is a quick and easy project that you can do with any kitchen towel – we found our white towels at Sur La Table. A hand towel hack is especially convenient for kids to keep their bathrooms tidy. If you find yourself using one side more than the other, you can simply slide it around to keep the towel fresher for longer.  

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