Ready for a cute, quick, and pawsomely free craft?! This month, we're spotlighting our beloved canine companions with our Happy Dog Stickers – a beginner-friendly way to add a touch of doggy delight to your everyday life! Can't wait to get started? Fire up your printer and away we go!

Printable Puppy Love

Sponsored by our friends at Online Labels, these adorable stickers feature an array of cute pooches and customizable text options. Plus, they're completely free! Maybe you want to showcase your pup's personality or simply love all things dog-related, but whatever the reason, these stickers are an absolute joy to use and a breeze to create! Just download the links below, customize, and print!

You can use these Happy Dog Stickers on your notebook, water bottle, or adorn your phone case with these sweet wittle faces. If you're wrapping gifts, why not add a personal touch by sealing your packages with the perfect pooch sticker? And for those of us who love to keep things organized and are also a bit dog-obsessed, these stickers are perfect for labeling jars, storage boxes, or even your crafting supplies.

Creating these Happy Dog Stickers is not just about making something cute—it's about adding joy to your everyday life. They are a wonderful way to infuse your life with whimsy and cheer. And who couldn't use a bit more of that?

CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD >>> Assorted Dog Pun Circle Stickers Template

We truly can’t wait to see your Happy Dog Stickers here, there, and everywhere! Remember to upload your photos to our crafters' community or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. Your creativity is what makes our community so special, and we love seeing all the beautiful things you do! Oh, and give your sweet pups a little extra love from us. Happy Crafting!