Home Decor StylingSponsoredBy_MintedI have a bit of news from my personal life – I moved! As much as I loved my previous home, I was able to find something even more fabulous only a few minutes away. As I settle into my new place, I am taking this as an opportunity to give my home decor an exciting new refresh with wall art that reflects the energy I want to cultivate for my new living space. When starting any home decor styling project, I recommend that you always begin by thinking about your color palette and the type of energy that will give you the inspiration you need on a daily basis. If you take an active approach to curating the things around you, your space will always have that revitalizing quality that you want and need! 

I’m calling the home decor styling concept that I created here “Pacific Northwest Chic.” I really wanted to pull different shades of teal with plenty of white accents into my decor to complement my mocha walls. This is the kind of color palette that can transition into any season, especially with the lime-y green hues and pops of warm metallics. When I did my home decor styling refresh for summer, I found all of my trendy art pieces at Minted. So when I initiated this new design concept, I went back to the same source for their huge selection of customized styles. 

Minted now has a new feature on their site called MintedGallery, an art styling service available for anyone needing a bit of inspiration! If you want to update your home decor, you can connect with a personal stylist to find the pieces that will bring your vision to life. Start by taking a short quiz that helps you to discover and clarify your personal style in a cohesive way. Then, you can send photos of the space you are looking to style. See my “before” picture that I sent over to them below! 

To create my Pacific Northwest home decor styling, I worked with my stylist to choose pieces with a lot of natural elements. I especially wanted to highlight greens mixed with neutrals that could complement the mocha background. We started with the biggest piece – Birch Story – which I actually used as a clever TV cover. From there we filled out the rest of the wall with smaller framed pieces. I find that having a display of lots of little prints can feel warmer and more inviting than a few large pieces. Because I love Scandinavian design, I always tend to go for very simple white frames that can allow the art to really speak for itself. 

Building from the birch print, I brought in more botanical art with Poppy Passion, Clipping, Leaf, King of the Forest, plus the feather line drawing Feather Fly in the Sky. For some bold black and white, I chose the Redwood Morning photograph to balance out the abstract pieces. The Seas print provided a dark cluster of color, and I was able to use some of my gold foil prints (like the Magnifique print) from my last Minted visit. In the end I had a gorgeous art wall that reflects my personal home decor styling. I can’t tell you how excited I am that I will be starting the winter months in my cozy new living room! I’m envisioning Saturday mornings with a mug of coffee in one hand and a watercolor brush in the other.  

If you want something that can get your home decor styling juices flowing, I would recommend using Minted as a resource because their selection really is endless. You can even commission your own original art if you have a particular vision in mind. For more home decor DIYs, browse our site here. Enjoy! ~ Lia 


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