Honey-Nut GranolaThis weekend, in between exploring Portland and hiking in Forest Park, my visiting friend Dasha shared her favorite breakfast recipe. . . Honey-Nut Granola made with dried fruits and olive oil. I love granola because it reminds me of my semi-hippie childhood, and as of this weekend this tasty recipe has become one of my new staples. It is now easy to find gluten-free old fashioned rolled oats at many markets, so that was where we started our recipe. I chose raw pecans as the nut to mix with unsulfured dried apricots and dried cranberries. This is a yummy mixture but you can choose your favorite fruits and nuts for your custom batch. The flax, sesame and sunflower seeds add another dose of healthy. I topped my granola with coconut milk, yogurt and sliced strawberries. After our mid-day hike I snacked on a handful of the crunchy goodness. Thanks Dasha for reminding me of the delights of homemade granola!  ~ Lia

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