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If any of you have been following my personal Instagram, then you know that I recently purchased my own fixer-upper. It has a beautiful addition that is great for crafting, taking photos, and shooting video tutorials. It is so nice to finally have a space that seems to perfectly fit our need for space and light, but also be separate from my living space. No more tidying up the kitchen table before guests arrive!

Right around this time is when I discovered Create Room — and they discovered me! I’m so glad they reached out because I fell in love with everything on their site. And I was able to create a gorgeous creative space that makes me really happy!

Getting Creative with Create Room

It was such perfect timing when the ladies from Create Room reached out to ask if I might be interested in their well-planned and beautiful DreamBox. Just the night before, I was adding their images to my design board for my new creative space! It was such a treat to start with a blank canvas when setting up the craft room. Though I have dreams to add a sliding door that steps onto the deck and European style windows in the photo room and lounge area, the home addition came with an abundance of large windows and warm nutmeg stained wood floors. All of the furniture I already had fit in so nicely. But the one thing this space was missing was the craft and sewing storage units. Enter Create Room! Use the code LIAGRIFFITH for a discount off your first order.

How to Get Started

To order from Create Room, there are three easy steps:

1. Select Your Style: For my space I chose the DreamBox Shaker and added the DreamCart and Sew Station®.

2. Choose Tote Package: I picked the 40 InView Totes & 24 Shelf Upgrade Kit to keep all my tools and materials organized and visable.

3. Design Your Creative Space: I then picked these additions to give everything a home:

Receiving the crate full of joy was a beautiful day. I gathered a few people from my team to help me unpack all the pieces then assemble the three units. Note that we are “flexing our guns” in the photo below because this is one solid unit and built to last. Once complete, I took a breath, stepped back, and began to plan how to organize everything.

What I Love About Create Room

One of the great resources Create Room provides to help everyone design their own space is the Create Room Journey! I have bookmarked this section of their site so I can go back and reference their five steps to creativity. They give you printable worksheets and templates to help you discover your purpose, find your barriers, write your goals, get organized, and find space to create every day. It is simply brilliant! One of the templates that really helped me organize was the drawing of the empty DreamBox. This is where I was able to sketch and visually move things into their perfect place before I began. 

Organizing the DreamBox was also such a delight. I found that since every inch could be used, I had plenty of room for all of my paper crafting tools and supplies, my drawing and painting supplies, and props for my photo studio. Be sure to watch the first video below where I show you our journey from unboxing to the final reveal. There is also a second video giving you a full tour of my Create Room studio.

If you’re looking for craft room organization ideas, I highly recommend Create Room