Aioli_sauce_Tomato_Orange_SauceLast weekend the team and I threw our own little Hello Summer BBQ party and had such fun sharing and making recipes for the occasion. Our designer Lindsay, who is eating Whole 30, made the most incredible homemade dipping sauce and garlic aioli sauce that I just have to share with you. The tomato orange sauce was perfect with the grilled chicken skewers. It would also make a perfect dipping sauce for mozzarella sticks, bread and I am envisioning this tasty tomato and orange mix as a base for a paleo pizza. For our parties roasted artichokes we had to serve a garlic aioli and Lindsay had the perfect solution. I will not lie, I am a bit of a mayo freak. I have been known to pretty much put mayo on anything (except dessert) but always cringed at the thought of the strange oils and preservatives in the store bought kind. This homemade mayo and garlic aioli is in a league of it’s own and I will never go back to store bought. Lindsay gave me a demo on how to make the perfect mayo using an immersion blender and seeing just how simple it can be and how perfectly delicious it is. . . I am sold. These are two new staples in my fridge, both paleo and Whole 30 friendly. Later today we will share the printable (and editable) recipe cards and jar labels so that you can not only make a set for yourself but package them as gifts. Perfect for a summer BBQ hostess gift or a Father’s Day gift, don’t you think? Enjoy! ~ Lia

Dipping_Sauce_ingredients     TomatoOrangeSauceRecipeCards-2Tomato_Orange_Dipping_SauceOrange_Tomato_Dipping_SauceAioli_IngredientsGarlicAioliRecipeCards-2Sauce_Garlic_AioliGarlic_Aioli_Sauce