Homemade HummusIt’s always good to have a few dining grab-n-go recipes in your metaphorical rolodex for when you are too busy to take the time to cook something extravagant. Eating something homemade, especially when it is quick to whip up, is a sweet luxury when you are strapped for time. I am going to start the week with one of my go-to recipes, homemade hummus with a spring green twist. Here is the back story of this hummus: some years ago I was preparing to attend an Oscar party where we were all told to bring a snack. When flipping through a new party food cookbook I saw a page featuring a salad mezze plate and immediately thought hummus. I tossed everything listed for the chickpea salad into the food processor, blended it up and, voila…it was green! When I went back to read the instructions (which I hadn’t done before making my concoction…), it was clear that the food processor was not part of the plan. Hmm, what to do. I quickly found a real hummus recipe and prepared it for the party, but since the minty green hummus was pretty tasty, I ended up taking both to the Oscar gathering. The Spring Green Hummus was a hit! Since then, I have added the tahini and removed the raw onion, and this has been my go-to homemade hummus ever since. A very happy accident. Because I am gluten-free, I serve my hummus with corn chips, cucumbers and other sliced vegetables. You will find the recipe below, along with a printable version. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Spring Green Homemade HummusHomemade Hummus Ingredients