Homemade_Vanilla_IcecreamGrowing up at our house, ice cream was the favorite of treats and homemade ice cream the best treat for special occasions, like Father’s Day. My dad is visiting this weekend and it was shortly after he arrived that I put this yummy bowl of goodness (the exact one in the photo) in his hand. He was a happy dad!

For homemade ice cream I look to the dessert expert David Lebovitz and his book The Perfect Scoop. I used his Vanilla Ice Cream recipe exactly as he has posted it on his blog and keep this recipe as my go to.

To add a little Father’s Day fun, I made a batch of the gluten-free double chocolate cookies. Double chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream, triple yum and what a perfect mix for ice cream sandwiches. Remember the printable Father’s Day labels, tags and belly band from this post? Yes, they make perfect packaging for these ice cream and chocolate cookie treats. Go pull out your ice cream maker and let’s make some special Father’s Day treats! Enjoy. ~ Lia

Homemade_Ice_Cream_Treats Homemade_Icecream_Fathers_Day HomemadeIcecreamSandwiched Vanilla_Ice_Cream_Homemade