Lavender Bath SaltI love using my bath salts especially after a busy day, so I keep this large apothecary jar next to my tub full of epsom salt. Epsom salt is so good for detoxing achy muscles and has so many healing properties. You can find plain epsom bath salts at any drug or grocery store as well as many versions mixed with a variety of fragrance. Nice, but why not make your own with really good ingredients? My favorite version of bath salt includes lavender buds and lavender essential oils. It gives a double relaxing experience and smells oh so good. Since I use a lot of salt for myself and as gifts, I buy a 20 lb. bag of epsom salt from Amazon. I also like to purchase culinary grade lavender and lavender essential oil to keep on hand when I need a new batch. You can find the links for the Weck jars that I use as well as the printable labels in this post. After making all this bath salt to photograph (and gift). . . my office smells like a day spa. I am now deep in imagining a massage. . . Enjoy! ~ Lia

DIY Bath SaltLavender Bath Salt Tutorial