Homemade Veggie Burger RecipeI was raised eating vegetarian. I love the fact that I grew up learning how to make some pretty interesting food, packed with nutrition and mixed with vegetables from our huge garden. Though I am no longer strictly vegetarian, half of my family is, and when we have family gatherings we cook vegetarian, often vegan and now days with my gluten-free options. This recipe originated from my oldest sister Arline, who is an amazing vegan cook. I have tried veggie burgers in the best pubs and restaurants and nothing beats the taste and texture of this one. Hands down. Even my beef burger eating friends love this vegetarian option. Most of the frozen veggie burgers at the grocery store do have gluten in them, so I steer clear of those for sure. For my version of this recipe, I add three eggs. I like the added protein and it does help these yummy patties stay together a little bit better while cooking. Either way you make them, both are very tasty.

Veggie Burger RecipeIngredients for veggie burger

How to make a tasty veggie burgerWhen I shoot food recipes for this blog, I shoot real food rather than propped, staged and perfect looking food. As I am sitting and processing my photos… I am lunching on what you see in the photos. Of course it is a gluten-free bun. Yum! ~ Lia