Along with making felt pears and crepe paper veggies this month, we are also showing you how to make these honeycomb apples and pears out of frosted paper. This is an easy craft project, but we do recommend using a cutting machine since the cutting and scoring needs to be very precise. However you can always try cutting and scoring by hand instead.

To make this even simpler, we also have a video tutorial for you to follow along with.

paper honeycomb apples and pears

Pick your favorites 

Our template and SVG file include the designs to make apples and pears. Craft them both or pick your favorite to fill your bowl with! All of the frosted paper colors we used are linked below, but you can always use whatever paper and colors you prefer.

If you have an older kid who wants to make these honeycomb apples and pears, they could use white glue instead of a glue gun. Also, this video tutorial should help you with any of our other honeycomb projects.

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tip: We recommend cutting and scoring on a machine because both really need to be exact for the fruits to come together perfectly.

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honeycomb apples and pears
DIY paper honeycomb apples and pears
frosted paper honeycomb apples and pears
handmade paper apples and pears

honeycomb apples and pears made out of paper

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