Have an a-maize-ing outdoor movie night this summer, filled with delicious popcorn, incredible free printables, and wonderful family and friends! And to set the perfect scene, we have printable popcorn boxes, a movie night banner, bottle wraps, and stickers for you to craft. 

Outdoor Movie Night Popcorn

Let’s Get Poppin’!

These crafts are super simple to make. The free printables we have for you below include:

  1. Popcorn Box: Print this on 8.5×11 white cardstock. Score along marked lines then cut out.  Use a low-temp glue gun or tape roller to tape closed.
  2. Bottle Wraps: Print on text weight or cardstock. Cut to size then wrap around a bottle and tape in place.
  3. Movie Night Banner: Print on cardstock, string with teal baker’s twine
  4. Sticker Sheet: Print these on 8.5×11 full sheet label paper

Equipped with these creations and your choice of snacks, you’ll be able to make your outdoor movie night a regular family and friends tradition! If you’d like, you can also download these movie night printable invitations. Happy crafting (and watching)!

What About the Popcorn?

Nothing beats hot, fresh popcorn. Our favorite kind of popcorn comes from our friends at JOLLY TIME®! They have an otherworldly Simply Popped Microwave Pop Corn made with only 4 ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce: All it has is butter, sea salt, non-GMO popcorn, and oil. Plus, when it comes out of the microwave, it actually has a really yummy stovetop taste.

JOLLY TIME® has been around for over 100 years and three generations of family-owned production. They know that spending quality time with loved ones is important, and we know how amazing it is to bring people together at DIY events. Lia is a snack-a-holic, and popcorn is her #1 go-to! (Who are we kidding? The whole team loves popping corn and watching a good movie from time to time!)

Together, you can make movie night one for the record books!

If you’re looking for a tasty, cleaner choice for you and your family, go with Simply Popped and make movie time a JOLLY TIME®! (It really adds to the outdoor movie night experience!)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by JOLLY TIME® from which we receive compensation. All thoughts and options expressed herein are my own and not influenced by JOLLY TIME® , and/or its affiliates in anyway. 

Craft Movie Night and More!

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