Summer Fireplace StylingWhen I moved into this adorable house a few months ago, I was excited to once again have a fireplace as the center focus of my living room.  As spring is turning into summer the question arises. . . what to do with the inside of the fireplace as it lays dormant for the season? So here are my fireplace styling ideas for the summer:

Living Room FireplaceFireplace Styling Tutorial


I started by cleaning up the fireplace and then laying down a covering of stones that I picked up at the dollar store. Once the inside of the fireplace found a use for displaying the birch log, I added the 9 large white candles from Ikea. I then added two vases of sea grass, one on the hearth and the other on the mantel. I collected all the white vases and containers from around my house and chose the sizes that brought in balance. I added a large glass vase of seashells to the hearth and a ceramic basket filled with matches. I then finished my summer fireplace styling by overlaying a boxwood wreath (Smith & Hawken brand that I purchased from Target) over the top of the two modern color field paintings that resemble a lush summer lake scene I painted a few years ago. When fall comes again and I am ready to burn wood in my fireplace, I can simply remove the candles and stones and save them for the next spring. Now that I’ve shared my fireplace styling ideas, I am going to go get my cup of tea and a book and enjoy my summer fireplace! ~ Lia