Paper Bow Tree Decoratons
Happy Friday everyone! A few of you have reminded me that even though I posted the printable paper bow templates, I did not give a tutorial on how to assemble them. So I will do just that today. In addition to the tutorial, I am including a Silhouette template as well and the outline template that you can either print onto your chosen paper or print on heavy card stock for a reusable outlining template. Both files have two versions, the first with the strap to wrap around your gift and the second two bows that you can use as toppers or as I did, for tree decorations. If you missed the printable bows with all of the pretty patters, you can find them in this post. To see them as I add them to my Christmas tree, you can watch my Handcrafted Holiday video. These bows can be used year round so hang onto this template for future use. Cheers! Lia

Paper Bow Gift Toppers
DIY Paper Bows
Paper Bow Tutorial