Centerpiece_DIY_Fall_Fresh_FlowerAt one point way back when, I owned a little flower shop. I had a great little team and we created unique designs for weddings and holidays. That is when I fell in love with flowers and my experience there influenced many of my paper flower designs that I share here on this site.

One of my favorite things to do is to make a gorgeous flower arrangement using simple grocery store flowers. I found all of the flowers for these two bouquets at my local Trader Joe’s and added greens from my yard to give the base to my arrangements. I find that my camellia bush and ivy wall make great filler. The camellia is an evergreen and will not wilt so you can use them out of water for some arrangements.

Here are some of my tips when picking out grocery store flowers. 1) Start with a focal flower. This might be a larger bloom or something with a unique color. 2) Add your secondary flower or flowers into your mix. 3) Bring in extra texture and color with your filler flowers. 4) Choose a variety of colors in your flowers. 5) Choose a variety of textures and sizes of flowers.

Below are two arrangements in tutorial form. Both of them use the technique of chicken wire to create a grid for your flowers. This is one of my favorite techniques though can be replaced with floral foam, but I do find that flowers do not last as long when I use the foam but use what ever you feel most comfortable with. Enjoy! ~ Lia