Just got a Cricut cutting machine? Or maybe you’ve had one sitting around for a while and have felt hesitant to use it? Well we’re here to help! Almost every craft project on our site comes with an SVG cut file. So we’ve developed a mini course with some quick tips for how to use Cricut Design Space.

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how to use Cricut Design Space

Getting confident with Cricut

As always, there is a learning curve with any new skill. But we want to save you some time and get you crafting! This course will go over how to download our SVG cut files as well as how to upload SVG files to Cricut Design Space. Since some of our projects include JPG files for Cricut’s Print Then Cut feature, we will also cover how to upload and use these files.

In addition to uploading files, this mini course includes some other quick lessons for how to use Cricut Design Space, such as cutting tips for crepe paper projects. If you want to learn more about this, make sure to watch our other mini course, Cutting Machines for Crepe Paper.

If you haven’t taken a mini course with us yet, they are a special perk for members to watch anytime.