Birthday_Gift_Green_Blue_TagsFor all the animal loving, ice cream loving kids out there, this is the perfect set of birthday tags for them! In a delicious palette of rusty orange, mint green and navy blue this collection of cards can be printed out and used in several different ways. There are 6 different designs featuring our adorable hounds enjoying their favorite ice creams – yum! Four of our birthday tags have a space for you to write who the card is To and From. To make your own birthday tags simply download the PDF below to your computer. Print onto card if you want to use them as gift tags, or print onto label sheets if you’d prefer to use them as gift labels. Either way they are super-cute! 

Our ice cream birthday tags will come with a matching gift wrap so check back in a few days. If you fancy this same set of tags in a palette of pinks and mint greens then head back to this post for the PDF and the matching pastel printable summer gift wrap. Tie your gifts with a cute ribbon in a contrasting color and you have the most deliciously wrapped gifts I have ever seen! Get all the latest inspiration from our studio by joining us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – see you there! ~ Lia 

Green_Blue_Birthday_Gift_Tags Birthday_Green_Blue_Gift_Tags Birthday_Blue_Green_Gift_Tags Birthday_Gift_Tags_Green_Blue