I love it when I can find all kinds of craft and home decor materials in one place so it is a natural that Michaels is my first go-to store. One of my favorite home decor brands at Michaels is Ashland with their range of jars, vases and hurricane lamps providing a great base on which to create a beautiful centerpiece or in this case, a DIY terrarium!

Regular readers will know that I live and breath flowers – my paper flower designs are what I’m most known for. I’m a busy girl and seem to favor handmade blooms or air plants over fresh flowers and plants that require more maintenance. I have however become quite smitten with gorgeous terrariums and mini indoor gardens that resemble the home of a tiny fairy. So I decided it was time to make my own DIY Terrarium. I began with the over-sized glass hurricane which is made to hold a candle – you can find similar here. I took this, along with a bag of mixed moss, some river pebbles in brown and black tones, a bag of sand and a bundle of pretty feathers, similar to these, to indoor garden designer Amy at Artemisia here in Portland. I’m a huge fan of supporting other artists and Amy’s work with air plants, succulents and terrariums is just gorgeous. She talked me through her process of layering the sand, stones and pebbles then added a range of ferns and air plants to make it, well, beautiful! Don’t ya think? We finished the piece by tucking in a few feathers and placing a few tiny crystal stones into the design. This piece is perfect for a summer to fall transition. I hope you are inspired to make your own DIY terrarium! If so, share pictures with us across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we will re-post our faves. Enjoy! ~ Lia

If you haven’t seen some of the Ashland home décor line, it is exclusive to Michaels and is sold on com and in all stores AND it is on sale 8/2-8/8 – just check out the Big Brand Sale landing page for more details.

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