Hello everyone! I was chatting with the team the other day about how we each stay inspired, practice new skills, and challenge ourselves creatively.  I was inspired to share some of this goodness with you and thought that we might try a monthly craft challenge and creative practice. What do you think?

July Craft Challenge and Creative Practice

JULY CRAFT CHALLENGE: Fly Your Craft to Another Planet

For our very first challenge, I thought I would make it easy and, yes, fun!

  1. Make a craft from our huge library that are different from your usual go-to picks. For example, if you are a paper flower artist, make a felt flower instead. If you normally work in fiber, make something from paper. Extra credit if you make a set of alien dolls from spun cotton eggs and felt. 😉 They are out-of-this-world fun!
  2. Post a photo of your complete project using the hashtags #julycraftchallenge and #madewithlia on either Instagram or Facebook along with a short paragraph of how you were challenged to try a different type of craft.
  3. The deadline to enter the challenge is July 23 when we will pick a winner and announce your name in the Hello August video. The winner will also receive a box of craft goodies!

JULY CREATIVE PRACTICE: Become a Smartphone Photographer

Our first mini course in our Craft Academy is 3 Simple Steps to Great Photos (on your smartphone). In this course, I teach my tips and tricks for lighting, styling, and composition. The mini course is focused on photographing your own crafts so that your photos are a gorgeous as your projects. For our July creative practice:

  1. Watch or rewatch the mini course 3 Simple Steps to Great Photos (on your smartphone).
  2. Take four different photos of one craft project (see the sample image below).
    • Flat lay: a shot taken overhead with all items laying on surface
    • Lifestyle: styled as you would use your project in your home
    • Include hands: your hands or someone else holding your project (added bonus is that it shows scale)
    • Process photo: a styled photo using the 3 steps (light, styling and composition) of your project as it is the process of being crafted
  3. Post your four photos on social and use the hashtags #julycreativepractice and #madewithlia

As I mentioned in our Hello July video (on the homepage), I am using my iPhone for almost all of the photos on our site now. I am finding the quality of the photos to be as good as I can shoot with my DSLR, and I love the ease of being able to see my photos immediately. Just like I am encouraging you, I practice every week and work to improve my own photos.

Looking forward to seeing your July craft challenge and creative practice photos!

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