Kid's ApronsThis summer we started a crafting collaboration between our design team to create a gorgeous Play Kitchen Set that parents could make with their kids while staying within a reasonable budget. This is how the magic happens guys! We had felt food projects from our illustrator Krista, the DIY play kitchen design from our maker Jessica and now we have some sewing projects from our master seamstress. This set of kid’s aprons is surprisingly easy to whip up with some dishtowels and a sewing machine, and they are a perfect addition to this series of projects! 

The main material for making these kid’s aprons are dishtowels. They are the perfect size to start with, and we found some great patterned dishtowels at Sur La Table. Our dishtowels are 20 x 28 inches, so be sure to find a size that is comparable to this. Once you pick out your dishtowels, throw them in the washing machine so that they will pre-shrink. Then members can download our printable instructions for the complete materials list. We have included instructions for both small and medium sized aprons depending on your kids’ ages. Print the pattern and follow along with our step-by-step photo tutorial as you sew your aprons. Our tutorial also includes bonus instructions to make mini dishtowels that you can hang on the side of your play kitchen. It’s up to you!

While you are sewing the kid’s aprons you might notice that we tell you to set aside a bit of material to make oven mitts. That’s right! The next addition to our Play Kitchen Set is going to be kid’s oven mitts. Any requests for what else you would like to see next? Send in your suggestions to us through email or in the comments! I love seeing your crafting successes, so please share your photos on Instagram using #DIYDreamingWithLia. I am seeing this set as a fabulous DIY Christmas or birthday gift! Cheers ~ Lia DIY Kid's ApronsKid's Aprons TutorialKids ApronsShopThisProject USETHISONE!Patterned Dishtowels