Prepare to take a deep dive into your creative side with these adorable Layered Felt Goldfish! This month's collection is all about showing love for our four-legged, two-winged, and, in this case, finned friends. And, as America's third most popular pet, we couldn't leave these little guys. Looking for some more fishy fun to get into this summer? Check out these fishtastic projects.

Swimming into Summer

This Layered Felt Goldfish project is easy, fun, and entirely too cute. If you're looking for an addition to your kiddo's felt animal collection, look no further. Also, if you have a young crafter at home who wants to learn a few embroidery skills, this project is great for that as well. Once you've gathered your tools and materials—we'll meet you in the shallow end!

Originating in ancient China over a thousand years ago, goldfish were initially bred for practical purposes before evolving into beloved symbols of luck and prosperity. These captivating creatures boast a surprising level of intelligence, with the ability to recognize familiar faces and even learn simple tricks! Cute and smart; where so we sign up?

The design for this Layered Felt Goldfish is fairly simple, but it opens up a world of possibilities. Using our wool felt blend in bright shades of orange and yellow as a base, let your imagination take the lead. Add sequins to give your fish friend some colorful scales or maybe some googly eyes to make finding Nemo that much easier.

Once your Layered Felt Goldfish is complete, it's time to proudly display your handiwork for all to see. Attach them to a keyring for an aquatic companion, or string them up with fishing line for a fun optical illusion. However you choose to display them, remember to share them with us! Upload your pics into our Crafter's community or on Instagram with #MadeWithLia.