frosted paper leaf and berry wreath

A wreath is an easy way to switch up your seasonal home decor. And when it’s handmade, you can make it look exactly how you want to. You can make your wreath asymmetrical or full, use a metal hoop or a vine wreath as your base, choose different colors of paper, and so on. Really the creative options are endless!

For my paper leaf and berry wreath, I decided to go with an asymmetrical design and let some of the natural vine show through. But what really makes this fall leaf wreath special are the berries! You can see my technique for making berries in the video below (it’s really easy). I used about 50 cotton spun balls to make berries for this wreath. Also, I share a lot of other crafting tips as well in this video — including what to do if something doesn’t go quite right when you’re making and arranging your DIY wreath.

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frosted paper fall leaf and berry wreathfrosted paper leaves and berries for DIY fall wreath DIY fall wreath with frosted paper leaves and cotton spun paper ball berries handmade frosted paper fall leaf and berry wreath

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