Kids_Lemonade_Stand_Party_DIYSummer is on it’s way and so, to coax it along a little we are hosting a children’s party with our own lemonade stand! Yesterday we shared our super cute handcrafted lemonade stand party with you including all the PDF’s for the cute stickers that we shared over at Online Label plus details on where to pick up all the gorgeous patterned party ware. Today we wanted to share with you the pattern for the felt bunting flags, the instructions for building our crate box lemonade stand as well as all the templates and free printables for the signage, tokens, pinwheels, and popcorn cones. As always it’s all super simple to achieve – hooray for that! We chose to make our felt bunting in pale green, white, bright yellow and violet – a super cheery Spring color palette that we just adore. The felt triangles are cut using pinking shears along the diagonal sides to give a nice ziggy zaggy edge. We punched holes along the top edge of each triangle then simply threaded them all onto brown twine and tied the ends to our dowel poles. It could not be more simple! This pattern works just as well in paper or a fabric of your choice so feel free to play with color and texture to suit you needs. You will find the pattern template that you can download at the foot of this post.

For the printable paper goods, these are set up to print onto 8.5×11 card stock. The menu sign is set up for you the personalize and update and is quite easy to do. Start by downloading and installing the free font Brayden Script Regular. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or Reader and select the place holder text where you can add your own. As you can see, we used some of the printable papers to cover our token box and added a little color on the front of our mini crates.

The lemonade stand was made using 4 crates from Michaels craft store which we painted with white paint and screwed together to secure. We turned two of the crates around to use as little shelves at the front of the stand so when you’re painting, bear this in mind! We used little U brackets to secure the 4′ dowel poles to either side of the stand and painted those white as well. Top Tip: pop a little piece of foam in between the dowel and the bracket to stop the pole from slipping through. Tie your felt bunting flags to the tops of the poles, add a little bit of extra color with a few gingham or seersucker squares of fabric. Once arranged, you’re good to go! Check back on Friday to get the scrummy recipe for our naturally sweetened lavender lemonade – yum! Enjoy! ~ Lia 

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