Little Critters_03After we posted our floral wreath baby announcement a few months ago, we got lots of requests for birth announcements that were a little more gender neutral. So, we came up with these adorable bug-themed birth announcements that are great for both boys and girls! I love the bug theme because it captures the curious nature of all children, and it makes these birth announcements so playful and colorful. 

To use these birth announcements, start by printing the PDF below. Before you can edit the names and details, you will need to download and install the free fonts Bellota Bold, Sedgwick Bold, and Yellowtail. Use Sedgwick Bold to edit the monogram, first name, and birth date, and then use Bellota Bold to customize the birth details, parents’ names, and the “Proudly announcing” text. To edit the middle and last name, use Yellowtail. Once your announcement is ready, you can print them onto 8.5 x 11 white card stock. The download below also includes two choices of bug themed envelope liners. One of these liners has a slate grey background, while the other has a white background. I recommend printing these liners onto regular copy paper so that they are easy to fold into your envelopes. When these birth announcements are printed and cut, they measure 5 x 7 and fit into a standard A7 sized envelope. Mail the announcements out to your friends and family, and don’t forget to save one to stick into a scrapbook! I love the idea of putting together a scrapbook for each of your kids and then giving them as gifts on their 18th birthdays. But that’s just the sentimental in me talking! 

If you are interested in making the adorable felt leaf and ladybug coasters that you see in our photos, check out the template and tutorial for those here. Stay tuned for a matching nursery print to go with these printable bug-themed birth announcements! Browse all of our baby projects, and be sure to look at our membership options to never miss a project. Congratulations to all the new parents out there! ~ Lia 

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