For our celestial theme this month, we had to create a luna moth shirt iron-on. Moths come in so many brilliant colors, and this illustration by Krista shows just how beautiful they are. This is an easy project to make with a cutting machine, and the heat transfer vinyl works perfectly on our favorite organic cotton tees from Pact.

We always recommend using a cutting machine with our iron-on designs, but you could also print our template on transferable paper and iron it on.

luna moth and moons heat transfer vinyl iron-on

Luna(r) Love

Luna moths are nocturnal insects and rare to see. In fact, some believe they bring good luck to those who are lucky enough to spot them! They are called a “luna” moth not just because they come out at night, but because they also have a crescent moon shape in the eyespot of their wings. Since luna also means moon, Krista included a moon phase illustration in her iron-on design.

We happen to love moths and have even made moth earrings and a moth headband. So we’re a little in love with this luna moth shirt iron-on! Along with the thought that luna moths bring good luck, they symbolize increased awareness, transformation, and a renewal of body and spirit. This seems especially fitting right now, and of course it’s always our hope that the changes that surround you are good ones. 

If you have any questions about this heat transfer vinyl project, be sure to comment below. We are always happy to help guide your crafting journey and appreciate any feedback you have for us!

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luna moth and moon phases shirt iron-on design luna moth shirt iron-on

luna moth and moon phases iron-on

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