We are getting creative with wool roving this October! After adding some to our macrame wall hanging, Meagan decided to make an entire wreath out of it. This is the first time we have made a macrame wool wreath, and we think it is pretty fabulous! Also, if you saw our October inspiration video, we had some fun thinking about what else we could use this wreath for (lion costume, anyone?).

This is an easy project that will add so much warmth and coziness to any room you put it in. To learn how to make your own version, just follow our tutorial below.

DIY fiber wool wreath

Wool you make this?

This wool roving is such a beautiful autumn color. We chose it to give our macrame wool wreath more of a seasonal look. Plus it matches our fall color palette perfectly! But you can also make this wreath in any color that matches your home decor and keep it up year-round.

The macrame techniques you will need to know for this project are how to make a larks head knot, square knot, and an alternating pattern using square knots. For those of you familiar with these knots, just follow our step-by-step photo tutorial below. Or you can always practice your macrame knots or learn how to do them first by watching our video course on how to make 15 common macrame knots.

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How to Make a Macrame Wool Wreath

  1. Gather the craft tools and materials you need from the list above.
  2. Using your scissors, cut 74 pieces of macrame cord that are each 18″ long.
  3. Fold each cord in half and tie a larks head knot around the macrame hoop.
  4. Tie all 74 macrame cords onto the macrame hoop.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

photo tutorial for macrame wool wreath by Lia Griffith

DIY macrame wool wreath handmade macrame wool wreath DIY macrame wool wreath in cinnamon

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