Made-in-Paper-MagazinesMadeInPaperSpreadMade in Paper magazine is published in the UK by Future, who produce other favourite titles such as Mollie Makes, Simply Crochet and Love Patchwork & Quilting. The latest issue, which has a ‘Giving’ theme, called upon the talents of craft blogger and designer, Lia Griffith to not only design and create the projects for the cover, but to shoot them too. The result is a gorgeous cover, aimed at inspiring crafters to not only make gifts but wrap them beautifully too.

Communicating by email across the Atlantic, Editor Vicki Atkinson worked with Lia to create the cover and lead feature of the magazine. Now it’s all done, on sale in the UK and will be available on the shelves of Borders, Jo-Ann’s and Booksamillion in the US from the end of April, Vicki and Lia decided to interview each other and share the insight with you. Maybe one day they’ll meet in person!

Craft designer & cover photographer, Lia Griffith.

Q // Have you ever done a magazine cover before?
A // This is the first magazine cover I shot. Of course I was nervous as I wanted it to be perfect.

Q // What was the brief like?
A // The Editor, Vicki, send me a very detailed brief sharing her vision, the color palette as well as a cover template showing where the title and text would be placed. It really adds to the creativity that her vision and mine were aligned.

Q // What was your approach when deciding what to make?
A // I knew that I needed to select boxes that would stack into a pyramid and fill the space on the cover just so. I also knew I wanted to make a DIY gift bag as it is something that would make a compelling tutorial for the article. I then shopped (from my stash as well) for wraps, ribbons and washi tape that would coordinate well and match Vicki’s color palette. Along with the gift bag I chose three other gift wrap methods that are my favorites to highlight.

Q // How did the shoot go?
A // We did the shoot in three rounds. Since Vicki and I are on different continents we gave ourselves time to work back and forth via email. After the first sample shoot, she requested a whiter background so I created one by painting a piece bead board. The vertical lines in the board add interest of the texture. The second round I set up the shoot in natural light, took some test shots and sent them to Vicki. With a few minor adjustments to fit the small cover text in areas around the gift stack, shoot three was the winner.

Q // Finally, what are the latest projects you’re working on?
A // I am getting ready for Easter posts for my blog right now and will be wrapping goodies and treats for the Easter baskets.

VickiLiaMagazine Editor & commissioner, Vicki Atkinson.

Q // How did you become the editor of Made in Paper? What brought you to this place?
A // I started in publishing as an online editor back in the days when the internet was slowly growing and websites were very ugly! From there I moved more into editing print magazines and after maternity leave with my first child, I decided I wanted to work in areas where my true passion lies – making, crafting and learning new skills. Future’s craft portfolio is awesome and I’ve had the privilege of working on many of the magazines. Most recently I’ve worked on both paper crafting titles, the monthly Papercraft inspirations and the quarterly Made in Paper, I love looking at all the new products and seeing our amazing designers make great things.

Q // What is your favorite thing about being the editor of Made in Paper?
A // Spending hours on Pinterest and the sense of community when I get to know lots of talented, enthusiastic bloggers. Oooh and the compliments on the magazine, there can never be enough of those!

Q // How did you decide on the theme for this new issue will be and where do you find your inspiration?
A // We looked at a few ideas, but the Giving theme really stood out for me as you could show beautiful wrap ideas as well as offer step-by-steps for the actual gifts.

Q // When you were looking for projects and crafters to feature in this magazine where did you find them?
A // We have some amazing paper crafting talent in the UK, many of which I know through Papercraft inspirations (@kirstyneale, @notesonpaper) and some I’ve met through doing Made in Paper and Easy Origami magazines over the last year (@bookloverRAH). But through Pinterest, I’ve been able to get in touch with designers in the US, Canada and Australia, of course, but also The Philippines and Bangladesh. I also have a love of all things French, so get really excited when I see what designers like @adeline_klam has been up to!

Q // How was it working with someone in the US to shoot the cover for this new issue?
A // I’ve often commissioned overseas designers to make projects, but this is the first time I’ve asked for cover photography too. Just one look at Lia’s blog made it really clear that she is not only a talented designer and crafter, but has an incredible eye for photography… and a lovely home to shoot in! I don’t think the process could have been any smoother – thanks Lia!