The last few weeks, I have been enjoying the wonderful holiday fruits from my The Fruit Company. When they asked me to share my tips on how to create a gorgeous fruit centerpiece, I jumped at the opportunity. Once upon a time, in a past life of mine, I owned a little flower shop. We loved to creatively add fruits and vegetables to our arrangements. Using some of those flower shop techniques, I wanted make an arrangement that was completely interactive and that guests can help themselves to a pear of orange without toppling the arrangement or leaving an open hole. This method does just that and you can easily add a new orange to the greenery nest where one was removed. One note on keeping the greenery fresh without the stems in water. . . spray it with water once a day. I did pick greens that look good even when they start to dry out. Now that I have talked up fresh fruit centerpieces, you can pop over to The Fruit Company blog to see the steps for making this stunning arrangement. Cheers! ~ Lia