There is nothing that says Christmas better than the traditional red and green color mix. This gorgeous paper Christmas wreath is something you can make and decorate with year after year as it will always me a handcrafted treasure. The wreath includes holly leaves and berries, mistletoe leaves and berries as pine needles adding a pop of teal. I love this teal green color in the mix as it give the wreath a different texture and color twist as well as coordinating with my deep teal front door. Don’t you think it looks like I made it for my front door? For this project you can download the SVG cut file for your personal cutter, or you can use the PDF printable to hand cut. Both are ready for you at the end of the post, just click the download button. The paper I used for the wreath is the metallic text weight from You can use a card stock if you like, but the leaves will look softer with the text weight paper and you will be amazed at how strong it feels when you are done. The colors are Botanic green, Lime Satin, Emerald, Red Satin and Ice Silver. Click here to order the pack. You can follow my step-by-step tutorial on how I  built this wreath from flat paper and a foam wreath form. I think the tip to making this wreath is the soft curling of all of the leaves and berries. It takes it from looking like paper to a whole new level. Another fun tip that I discovered when making the wreath is that it looks amazing at every step! If you want just a holly wreath, stop there. If you want a holly and mistletoe leaf wreath, it looks amazing too. With this wreath you have a winner at any step. Enjoy! ~ Lia


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