Flower_Crepe_Paper_PinataHow fun is this over-sized ball of bright blooms! This project is perfect for a summer fiesta, birthday party or even a colorful wedding. I made this bright paper flower pinata for a wedding. . . well, a pretend wedding that is. Today I am meeting with a handful of other Portland wedding vendors and artists where I will be sharing this pinata for a Freida Kahlo themed photo shoot. I am very excited to collaborate with other creatives and what a fun wedding theme idea and will share photos of the gorgeous shoot once they are available.

Of course in making this pinata, I knew I would be sharing the tutorial with you here. My pinata is for show only so I did not fill it with goodies, but that would be easy to do. For this pinata, I used bright orange, plum and red crepes and tissue papers. Of course you can choose a color palette that works great for your event. I made 120 blooms to cover the 15 inch paper lantern so as you might guess, this is a perfect project for a few people to create together. You can download and print the petal pattern at the end of the post, gather your materials and make it a pinata making party. As you can see in the photo the results are just gorgeous and after the shoot I will find the perfect place to display this festive piece in my studio. Cheers! ~ Lia

Crepe_Paper_Pinata CrepePinataTutorial