Watercolor Paper Tiger LilyHere is the story of my original inspiration for this flower: Prior to the tiger lily I had created the pink day lily that you can see in the tutorial. It reminds me of an Easter Lily and I do promise I will post that printable as well. Immediately after posting the pink lily, my oldest sister prompted me to make this deep orange freckled version. I am the fourth of four daughters. My mother and all three sisters have the traditional Irish red hair and freckled complexion, similar to a tiger lily, so I have always associated the tiger lily with the four of them. Needless to say this paper flower was created with love and very dear to my heart. (See the secret message in the scrabble pieces).

Paper Flowers Tiger LiliesUnlike most of my paper flowers I printed this watercolor template onto cards stock. The PDF includes a front with the petal and leaf shapes and a full-bleed back that will give you the two-sided finished look. This printable is best when you use a laser printer and you can find one at many office supply stores where they will print at a reasonable price. You will find the PDF download button at the end of the post. Remember that when it opens in your browser window as a preview it will not show the full print. You will want to download it onto your computer and open it with just a double click to see the full color of this PDF. You will see the tutorial below. This is a fun and easy flower and what a great way to add some fall color to your home or office. These also make a stunning gift topper. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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