Copper EggsStart by gathering some spun eggs or blown out eggs. You can look on the internet to see the process of blowing them out yourself (it’s not too hard, and is a good DIY project in itself!), or you can use our spun cottong eggs. Pick out your paint colors, find some metallic foil, and you are ready to make your eggs. I went with a deep grey to coordinate with my copper foil, but you can choose any color and foil combination that works with your personal style! You will want to also want some Mod Podge glue to secure your foil to the eggs.

Painting the eggs is really easy if you have a foam block and some thin wooden skewers or dowels. You can then stick the other end of the skewer into a foam block and the other into the spun egg, and you have successfully organized a mess-free painting station for yourself! This way you won’t have to touch the eggs while you are painting them, and you can create a nice even coat of color (without any fingerprints!). Paint your eggs with your chosen color. Give your paint some time to dry (30 minutes to an hour should be enough time) and then you can begin foiling to transform them into beautiful copper eggs. Use Mod Podge glue to attach your foil in any way that you would like. We did a couple of eggs that were completely foiled, and then added some eggs with scattered foiling for a really interesting look. I love the idea of adding copper eggs to your table setting by placing one egg over each napkin. Or, use them in your Easter basket arrangement for your party decor! And don’t forget to look through all of our Easter projects and to ready for the occasion. Enjoy! ~LiaCopper Eggs Copper Eggs Copper Eggs Copper Eggs Copper Eggs