Paper_Flower_WallA while back I posted this photo on my Instagram. These jumbo paper roses were made to style a Kraft themed baby shower. Shortly after posting and seeing the response, I knew I would be sharing a tutorial for this polka dot bloom. So here you are, the tutorial as well as a pattern for these jumbo flowers. You can download the pattern at the end of the post. It is set up to print onto 11×17 paper for the large bloom, but you can print onto a smaller paper for a large (not jumbo) flower. Part of the fun of these flowers it the hand painted polka dots which are easy to make with a round sponge pouncer and craft paint in any color to match your event. To assemble this flower I used a combination of hot glue and a stapler. These jumbo blooms are a fun way to decorate a shower, party or a backdrop to any event. Enjoy! ~ Lia