decorated easter eggs

This bright teal and gold color palette is a favorite with us at the moment. It goes well with the Easter Brunch kit we shared last week. Display these eggs in an elegant bowl or a twiggy basket as your table centerpiece or have them dotted amongst real wrapped chocolate eggs to pass around after dinner.

To make your own decorated Easter eggs you can download the SVG cut file for your personal cutter below or use a mini flower punch. We used up to 40-60 flowers on each egg and cutting them by hand could make this a bit much! If you don’t have a cutting machine or punch you can find little paper flower confetti in many craft stores which will work just as well. The egg shells can be blown yourself or you can also purchase craft eggs in your local craft store. To apply the gold foil we used a little adhesive (mod podge) and a paintbrush to apply the sheet to the shells. Gold leaf is very forgiving and looks better when it’s applied without any desire for achieving a ‘perfect’ finish. Whatever you choose to do with your decorated Easter eggs have fun making and have a very happy Easter. Enjoy! ~ Lia

decorated easter eggs decorated easter eggs