Love letter gift wrapI am in love with calligraphy! It has been many years since I picked up a calligraphy pen so last week I decided to sign up for a calligraphy class, and not the chisel pen old world style, but the pointed nib gorgeous handwriting style. I will share this class with you as I progress. Since I received my kit for the class last Friday, I spent some of my weekend getting to know my pens and nibs. I broke out my pink metallic ink and with the idea of making a fun personalized gift wrap, created a pattern with the word LOVE across the paper. I loved it! I then used a white chalk marker to make much simpler version on pink paper, just simply handwriting the words “hugs & kisses” onto the pink page. In a few months I might look back and cringe at my less than stellar calligraphy and handwriting, but really it is not the perfection that makes it pretty, but the repeat of the letter shapes. I found with the white pen, the faster I wrote the better I liked the look. So, whatever handwriting you happen to have, writing a repeat word in a pattern will look very personalized and styled. You could even write a whole love poem or love letter on your gift wrap. So sweet.

For the gift tags, I used my punch to make coordinating tags with the leftover paper and I trimmed little hearts from some scraps of glitter paper. With a small hole punch and baker’s twine, these add that perfect gift tag touch. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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