May_Day_Cone_DIYMay Day is just around the corner and although it’s not celebrated widely today, it’s a really lovely part of America‚Äôs European heritage and one that I like to recognize each year. May Day, celebrated on May 1st can be traced back to Rome and their annual Festival of Flora. This celebration of the summer solstice and the arrival of new season, was a time of joy and hope after a long cold winter. There are lots of traditions associated with May Day but our favorite is to gather in the flowers and make a May Day Basket. This year we adapted this traditional gift to a paper May Cone which is simple to make even for the little ones. We picked up this gorgeous faux wood wrap at Paper Source, punched a hole in either side of the cone and added the ribbon. Our tag has a special message which reads “Enjoy the little things” – perfect to add to this little floral gift. Below I will show you how to keep your blooms wet without spoiling your paper cone – because thirsty flowers aren’t pretty! Traditionally the May Basket was secretly hung on your neighbors door which is a great way to share the joy of Summer and all the beauty it brings – why not consider brightening up your neighborhood by gifting a may cone or two to your neighbors? Enjoy! ~ Lia