DIY Snack BagsAnother fun tutorial I wanted to share from the Vintage Fourth of July Celebration post is how to make these adorable DIY snack bags with kraft paper. They are especially great for potato chips or popcorn, but you can throw any kind of goodies that you want into your DIY snack bags! There’s something that kids love about having their food in individual packages that they can pick up and hold with their little fingers. It is so adorable! And let’s be honest, adults don’t mind having finger foods conveniently packed into individual servings either!

The watermelon on sticks and the caramel corn cones from the Celebration post are other options for fun finger food to serve at your Independence Day celebrations. To make these DIY snack bags, start with a roll of heavy kraft shipping paper and cut them into 10 inch squares. Next, follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to fold your snack bags! After you have folded your DIY snack bags, you can use our vintage potato chip stickers as labels for your bags. Print the PDF download onto full-sheet label paper and then trim each label to size. 

The label is essential for holding the flaps of your DIY snack bags in place. If you are not adding potato chips to your bags, you can also use some of the other stickers included in the download instead. After your snack bags are ready, browse the rest of our Fourth of July projects for more party inspiration! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see all of our daily makes. Or you can head over to our membership page to start downloading! Cheers! ~ Lia

DIY Snack Bags

DIY Snack BagsChip Bag Tutorial