Marble Wrapping PaperGive it a Swirl

Marble designs have always been popular for home decor, but in the last few years we have seen a huge trend with marbled paper goods. As we add our own special touch to marbled paper projects, we knew we had to create a gorgeous set of marble wrapping paper to infuse your gifts with some of this swirly twirly goodness. Our printable set comes with 5 different designs all featuring aqua blue as the base of each color palette. We then mixed in oranges, yellow, greens and greys for variety! To use this gift wrap, simply download the file at the bottom of the post, choose your favorite design, and print onto 11 x 17 copy paper. 

If you want to add in some gold detailing (like we did with our gold flower-topped gift), all you need to do is use an oil based permanent marker like this one and follow along with the swirls. Another idea is to wrap your gifts in a solid colored gift wrap, then cut out a strip of marble paper to add as a belly band around your present. If you want to make a little paper medallion gift topper, you can follow our tutorial in this post

Creating your Own Marble Gift Wrap

If you would like to create your own marble wrapping paper in color palettes that express your personal style or the current season, it is really easy to do! Follow our tutorial for how to make marble paper, or watch our video tutorial at the bottom of this post. Once you make the marbled design on copperplate paper, allow it to dry completely then scan it into your computer. From there you can print onto copy paper and wrap your gifts. Simple!

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Marbleized Gift Wrap